Eid Check List With Katorsz

Hope you guys made the most of Ramadan!! Now we are at the end of it and preparing for Eid so I have prepared a check list for you!!! To make life easier!!

1) Have your amazing outfit ready. I am sure you have this one ticked off by now with shoes and jewellery to go with it.

2) Organise what you will cook for that day, maybe you will cook your cultural food from your ethnic background or decide you want to cook something different and do an amazing job of it! Decide now and get it all sorted!!!

3) Have your Eid prezies ready!!! Eid is about celebration so don’t be stingy!! And if I have just reminded you now, maybe you can go shopping today or order in something for next day delivery or just give money. Everyone loves that!!

    4) Decorate your house put up lights, balloons make it festive full of love with family and friends as that’s what its all about right? Check these guys out for inspiration!


      5) Dont forgets desserts??Me being from an Asian background sometimes families can skip dessert but most of us have a sweet tooth. Checkout Treats Luton dessert parlor. There is also Bonoful in Luton that does your traditional Asian sweets. There is also one of my favorite Arabic sweet shops in London called sweet land priced reasonably and delicious in taste.

      6) Also start the day with reading Salah and reading Quran your day will be blessed with goodness inshallah. And don’t forget to be happy and be nice to everybody :) it’s a day of celebration. 


      Ok guys well have an amazing Eid and catch up with my blog next week!!