EID Must Haves With Katorsz

Eid is around the corner and at Katorsz we value the importance of this auspicious day. We understand that for many women, looking your best on this day is a number 1 priority; this is where Katorsz Jewellery comes in. With Exclusively designed Jewellery which can only be found at Katorsz, why not reap the fashion benefit of being a trendsetter. Each of our timeless pieces can match every outfit to make your EID that much more special. But we really do care about our customers, we want to make every experience a memory from purchasing to the first time one of our jewellery boxes are opened, that’s why all of our jewellery come gift wrapped and you can also add a special message with every order, so whether your buying for yourself or for that special someone, now you can really make it something to remember.

But we are more than just about the money, Katorsz believes in giving back, we believe when you give whole heartedly, you receive even more, so we are giving away a 30% Eid discount (katorsz-eid-30%), to every customer which will End on 25/06/17.  But since at Katorsz we like to go all out, we are also giving 2.5 percent of every order this Ramadan to Penny Appeal to support them with their many charity causes. So why not celebrate your EID with Katorsz and help change the world. Why not dare to make that difference and see what a difference it makes to you.

Just a little secret between us girls, we are in the process of designing and replicating a 40,000 year old bracelet and launching it into the 21st century, but before your put off, we do recognise something that old and dated won’t fit with today’s fashion, so we are simply taking inspiration from the bracelet to bring it into light as a masterpiece of fine Jewellery. See link below for more info.


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