History of Jewellery

When we look at the relationship of Society and Jewellery we can see its one that is long and ancient. From the times of the Cavemen to modern day history, Jewellery has played a big part in the lives of people and society.

If we look at the medieval period, we can see that Jewellery was a way to separate those of Nobility and Royalty who would adorn in Gold and Silver and Precious Gems, whereas those of lower ranking status who would adorn in Copper, or pewter.


How jewellery changed over time

17th-century jewellery- Elaborated gold jewellery which formed large bodice or breast ornaments.

18th-century jewellery- Sparkling diamonds which was often mounted in Silver, so to enhance the stones white colour

19th-century jewellery- New era of design and creativity mixing old with new

In the 20th to 21st century- where brands play a big part, you will find more designs and brands than ever before with the more privileged shopper spending on the higher more expensive brands while the working to lower classes are targeting by the high street brands. However we do find that with so many brands out there and so many different designs of jewellery that gap is slowly getting smaller and smaller.